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Learn Why The 'FREE Lead System Forever' Can Help Anyone
Building a Home Based Business to Literally Generate Massive
Amounts of FREE Leads On Auto Pilot!
The 'FREE Lead System Forever' is a Simple yet Proven way for anyone building a home based business to generate a Massive Amount of FREE Leads on Auto Pilot!

Even though almost everyone building a home based business has a website, they are desperately needing a LOT more prospects to introduce to their business. The 'FREE Lead System Forever' does the following:

  • Automatically Generates Your Own Unique Leads On Auto Pilot
  • Provides a Proven Sales Funnel to Generate Massive Amounts of FREE Leads
  • Allows Members to Keep It FREE Forever!
  • Allows Members to Try Our Premium Version With a 7 Day FREE Trial
  • Allows Members to Easily Keep Our Premium Version FREE Each Month
  • MUCH More!
Why would we offer our 'FREE Lead System Forever'? We know that many people
will want to upgrade to our 'Premium Membership' once they experience how much
we offer in our FREE Membership. View the MANY ADDITIONAL ways we can
help any distributor grow their business when they try our PREMIUM Version.
Premium Members Receive Our Sales Funnel System
Without an Effective Sales System, You Prospects Won't Buy
An Effective Sales Funnel is a lot more than just a Lead Capture Page that sends an Auto Responder Campaign while redirecting to a Sales Page. So what makes the 'FREE Lead System Forever's' Sales Funnels different?


  • Ability to Create Lead Capture Pages Where You HIDE the Opt In Form Until a Timed Delay. This Will Increase The Likelihood That Prospects Will Complete Your Opt In Form Because They Won't Initially See Your Opt In Form So They Will Watch Your Video! - Click to View
  • Ability to Create Sales Pages Where You Can HIDE Content That Can Suddenly Appear Under Your Video On a Timed Delay. This Will Increase the Likelihood That Prospects Will Watch Your Video and Will Act on Call To Action Buttons You Can Display Under Your Video - Click to View
  • Ability to Create Unlimited Lead Capture Pages
  • Ability to Create Unlimited Auto Responder Campaigns
  • Ability to Create Unlimited Sales Pages
  • Ability to Track Results for Each Sales Funnel
Monthly Value $50, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
Premium Members Receive 36 'Done For You' Professional Lead Capture Pages
That Give Away Valuable Reports to Help Members Build a List of Prospects
The following Lead Capture Pages are INCLUDED and Make it Easy to Give Away Valuable FREE Reports to Build Your List! Each Report Has the Member's Contact Info on the bottom of every page of the report plus a link to their home based business!

 Once a Prospect Enters Their Contact Information in Any of the Lead Capture Pages Above, They Will Automatically Get an Email That Directs Them To The Appropriate Download Page (see examples below). When a Prospect Downloads A Report It Will Include the Member's Contact Information On Each Page of the Report So That Members Can Get Viral Free Exposure! Also, On The Page to Download Each Report, Prospects Can Watch a Video About The Member's Primary Business (or whatever video they want)!
Use our SIMPLE Point & Click Lead Capture Page Creator to Create an UNLIMITED Number of Your Own Lead Capture pages To Promote Whatever You Want!
  • Choose From a Wide Variety of Different Style Templates
  • Very Simple Step by Step Point & Click Process
  • Includes Many Beautiful Done For You Video Capture Pages
  • Great for Marketing Different Offers and Targeted Marketing
  • Includes FREE Hosting For ALL Pages
  • Includes Email Campaigns For Each Capture Page (also allows AWeber Integration)
  • Can Easily Add Meta Tags for Very Effective Search Engine Optimization
  • Blank Template Allows a Lot of Flexibility to Create Capture Pages From Scratch
Monthly Value $50, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
Premium Members Receive Our Viral Videos System
Video Can Communicate Your Message Much More Effectively!
What is our Viral Video System? We realized that "Viral Emails" (emails that were forwarded to people who forwarded them to people etc.) often contained just text and maybe some images but were not attractive. Since video is so much more compelling, we took the content and added music and converted the text into videos. We know that if people were sharing (forwarding) emails with boring text, no music and no video, that they would definitely share the same content a LOT more when it is in a video!

Chose from our Video library of Done For You Funny, Entertaining, Newsworthy, Inspirational, and Religious videos or easily add your own!


  • Easy to Use With Our Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages or Floating Capture Forms
  • Easily Use Any Video From Sites Like YouTube
  • Includes a Share Button for Viral Free Exposure
We even have Animated Videos that Will Grab Prospects' Attention. Almost everyone loves cartoons and Animated Videos get RESULTS! 

  • Easy to Use With Our Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages or Floating Capture Forms
  • Easily Use Any Video From Sites Like YouTube
  • Includes a Share Button for Viral Free Exposure
  • Animated Videos Get RESULTS (more Opt Ins)
  • We Continually Add Animated Videos to Our Library
  • We Can Create Custom Animated Videos For Your Company
Monthly Value $50, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!

Premium Members Receive Our Follow Up System
The Fortune Is In The Follow Up
We've all heard that the "Fortune is in the Follow Up". So what makes the FREE Lead System Forever's Follow Up System different?

  • Ability to Create Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • Ability to Easily Personalize Each Message (many different variables)
  • Ability to See Who Opened Emails and When
  • Ability to See Who Clicked on a Link and When
  • Prospects Are Automatically Put Into Groups When they Open Emails or Click on Links
  • Ability to Send Voice Messages (Much More Effective)
  • Voice on Web Pages - Add a Voice Message on Any Web Page (NO charge for Unlimited Downloads)
  • Voice Emails - Send a voice message as a link in an email (NO charge for Unlimited Downloads)
  • Voice Broadcasting - Send a Voice Message to Contacts by Phone (Pay Per Minute)
  • Voice Download - Download your recorded voice message to your computer to use however you'd like (NO charge for Unlimited Downloads)
  • Many Different Email Templates to Choose From (Includes Your Picture & Contact Info to Brand You)!
Discover How Our Automated Marketing Messages (Once They Are Set Up Which is Easy) Work For You Even If You Never Log In To Our Admin Area!

  • There Are 16 Different Holiday Automated Messages
  • Each Holiday Automated Message Has a Different Professional Email Template
  • Each Holiday Automated Message Has a Message Written For You (you can edit).
  • Once Set Up, They Can Go Out Every Holiday Automatically To Whoever You Want
  • Holidays Include New Years, Martin Luther King's Day, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas
Monthly Value $50, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
FREE & Premium Members Receive Our Powerful Contact Management System
  Easily Manage All Of Your Contacts in 1 Place With Our Powerful Contact Management System

  • Easily Rate Contacts & Sort Them So You Can Communicate More Effectively
  • Easily Record & Search Notes for Better Follow Up
  • Easily Schedule Multiple Reminders for Better Follow Up
  • Reminders Are Automatically Sent by Email & Can Be Seen At a Glance Online
  • Easy to See Where Contacts Came From So You Know What Marketing Efforts Are Working
  • Automatically Puts Contacts From Each Capture Page In Unique Groups for Easy Follow Up
Monthly Value Priceless But Its NO Cost (Included)
With Our FREE Forever Membership!
Premium Members Receive Our Referral System
The Easiest & Quickest Way to Get a Lot More Quality Prospects
Work Smart So You Don't Have to Work Hard
 Referrals are the quickest, easiest and most effective way to grow virtually any business. The question is ... "Do YOU have a SYSTEM that makes it EASY and EFFECTIVE for others to Refer You Prospects/Business?"

The following are just some of the many valuable Reports that can be given away for FREE so that Your Prospects Will Refer Others which Will Get You FREE Leads!

  • Our Referral System Provides Valuable Content for FREE to Your Prospects When They Refer Others to You
  • Our Referral System is Automated (i.e. there's Nothing For You To Do)!
  • Referrals Go Directly Into Your Contact Management System
  • Referrals Automatically Receive An Email
Monthly Value $50, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
FREE & Premium Members Receive Our Promotional Tools System Without a
Simple Powerful Proven Way to Promote Your Business, Your Business Will Die!
 The ability to easily promote your business is like blood to your body. Without blood, your body would die and without effective ways to promote your business, the same will happen.


  • We Provide MANY Online Promotional Tools (Virtual Postcards, ECards, Text Links, Twitter/Facebook Posts, SEO, Banner Advertising, Article Marketing, Press Release Marketing, Video Marketing, EZines, Traffic Exchanges, Safe Lists, Lead Vendors & Signature Files)
  • We Provide Many Offline Promotional Tools (Print Resources, Sizzle Calls, Newspapers, QR Code Generator)
  • We Provide Viral Promotional Tools (Free Advertising)!
  • Ability to Easily Display Social Media Site Icons On Your Sites
  • Many FREE Ways to Advertise
  • Many FREE Resources to Promote Your Business
  • Many Professional Banners Done For You (see below)
 Viral Electronic ECards

Monthly Value $50, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
Premium Members Receive Our Training System
Receive Quality Training Every Month So You Earn More & We Also Convert The Training Into Products You Can Give Away to Build Your List!
 Those who Learn More ... Earn MORE! The FREE Lead System Forever Premium Membership Includes Top Training from Experts in the areas of building a business, personal development, sales skills and much more!

The FREE Lead System Forever Training System World Class Faculty!
Training You To Be a Super Star!

  We Interview 1 Expert Per Month From Our Ultimate Life Network Faculty. Our Faculty Are the BEST in the Home Based Business Industry and They KNOW How To Help You Make a Lot More Money! Michael Price (Former Paid Trainer for Tony Robbins Company and Author of "Questions Are the Answer: What Are You Asking For") has supported the Home Based Business Industry since 1996 and is an Expert at Asking Questions. You Will Love Our Monthly Interviews!  
  Each Month We'll Provide You An Audio Recording From Each Interview In Our Private Members Only Training Site. You Can Listen Whenever You Want As Often As You Want to Make Sure You Learn How to Implement the Proven Strategies for Making Money That You Will Learn Each Month!  
  We Provide a PDF Transcript From Each Monthly Interview So You Can Print It Out, Highlight Text, Underline Key Points etc. to Make Sure You Know And Implement the Specific Strategies For Success! You Can Even Forward It to Anyone You Want Because It Will Have Your Contact Information On the Bottom of Every Page So It Can Generate Viral FREE Exposure For YOU!  
  Each Month, We Create a Professional Lead Capture Page to Give Away the Interview & Transcript to Help You Build Your List!

These Are Exclusive Interviews And The Content Is Very Valuable So You Should Generate a Lot of New FREE Leads Each Month Who Want the Interview & Transcript That We'll Automatically Deliver For You!
  Access to The FREE Lead System Forever Training System's Members Only Private Training Site Where You Will Get Access to a Wealth of Top Resources, Searchable Knowledge Base, Forums, and MUCH More! You Will Get Tips, Strategies and Proven Principles to Build Your Home Based Business That Will Dramatically Shorten Your Learning Curve to Success!  
  Our Private Members Only Training Site Allows You to Learn From Other Members Who Will Share Valuable Tips.

You'll See Their Questions You May Have Never Thought to Ask and Our Response So You Will Earn a Lot More & Faster!
  In Addition to Getting Access From Our World Class Faculty, The FREE Lead System Forever Training System's Private Training Site Allows You to Manage Your Own Calendar, Tasks, and Even Store Files! Now You Can Go Anywhere In the World (that there's Internet Access) and Have Instant Access to Everything You Need to Build Your Business!  
Monthly Value $50, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
Premium Members Receive Our Automated Floating Capture Form

A Floating Capture Form is a form that suddenly appears on top of virtually any website to grab the attention of people viewing that website. It can easily include a video to motivate them to enter their contact information which goes in our Contact Management System as well as Automatically Initiates an Email Campaign of your choice. This will Build a Larger List of Contacts for you to then share whatever messages you desire!

  • Members Can Have an Unlimited Number of Floating Capture Forms
  • Very Easy to Create (Point, Click & Type)
  • Includes a "Share" button making it easy for people to share so Members get Viral FREE Exposure!
  • Very Easy to Include Video (from our library of from other sites like YouTube)
  • Very Easy to Control Text to Compel People to Respond
  • Automatically Sends Email Campaigns to Maximize Exposure of Members' Messages
  • People Automatically Go Into a Unique Group in our Contact Management System for Each Floating Capture Form, so it's Easy to Know Where They Came From
  • Members Can Eliminate the Capture Fields (If They Want) Making it EASY to Put Any Video On Any Webpage!
  • Members Can Choose Which Fields They Want to Capture Information & Even Create Their Own Fields
  • Can Go on Virtually Any Page of a Website
  • A Competitor Charges $997 for this feature without all of our functionality
Premium Members Receive Our Floating Capture Form Library
  • We Include Many "Done For You" Floating Capture Forms with Viral Videos
  • Easy for Distributors to Put a Floating Capture Form on Top of Virtually Any Website.
  • Most Distributors are Uncomfortable Promoting Their Business, but Our Library of 'Done For You' Floating Capture Forms Make it EASY for Them to Share a Link to a Funny, Entertaining, Newsworthy, or Religious Video That Can Get Them Viral Free Exposure.
  • Anyone seeing the Floating Capture Form can either enter their information in the form thereby generating a FREE Lead for your distributors, or they can Easily Share the link with others getting Viral Free Exposure for your distributors!
Premium Members Receive Our Audio & Video Postcard System
 Experts say Audio & Video get 3-5 times the results of typical email. Use our library of Audio/Video postcards or easily create your own.
  • Video Gets 3 to 5 Times the Results of Typical Emails
  • Use Our Library of Audio & Video Postcards
  • Very Easy to Add Audio or Video For Your Own Audio & Video Postcards
  • Can Include Text That When Clicked Can Go To Any Website You Desire
 $30/Month Value - Yours FREE - Included With Our Service
FREE and Premium Members Receive Our
Text Notification For Immediate Follow Up
You can now receive a Text Message whenever someone enters their information on any of our Lead Capture Pages or Floating Capture Forms. This will help make sure you know when someone is interested in whatever you are offering so you can follow up with them immediately.

  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Instant Notification to Your Cell Phone
  • Works in Over 150 Countries
  • Extremely Affordable (as little as 2 cents per text)
 Value ... Priceless! Included With Our Service on a Per Text basis

Premium Members Receive Our Chat to Text to Chat System
Be Anywhere And Chat With Prospects On Your Website
When They Are Most Likely to Buy & You'll Sell a LOT More! !
Coming Soon!
Out Text Chat Feature allows you to be ANYWHERE and receive a text message from someone on your website! Imagine being on vacation, spending time with your loved ones, or doing anything you love, and suddenly receive a text message from a visitor on your website. Prospects visiting your website will have a chat box appear inviting them to chat with you and when they do, you'll get a text message. You can respond from your cell phone and they'll think you're behind your computer ... but instead you can be anywhere!

  • Works Anywhere You Can Receive a Text Message
  • Prospects Initiate Chat from an Optional Form On Your Website
  • You Can Respond From Your Cell Phone
  • Prospects Are Amazed When They Learn You're Not Behind Your Computer
 Value ... Priceless! Included With Our Service on a Per Text Basis
Premium Members Receive Our Text Responder Campaigns
Get Immediate Exposure Of Your Messages
Coming Soon!
The future of mobile marketing is exploding because "virtually" every adult has a cell phone and carries it with them. Our Text Responder Campaigns make it easy to create and send multiple messages to your contacts' cell phones. Most people receive and open their text messages within 15 minutes and some statistics show a 94% open rate for text messages compared to a 40% open rate for email!

  • Works Like an Email Campaign (Multiple Messages Spread Over Time)
  • Messages are Sent by Text Message for Greater Visibility
  • 250+ Million Americans Carry a Cell Phone (Over 80% of the Population)
  • Very Easy to Create & Send
  • Very Inexpensive - As Little as 2 Cents Per Text Message
 Value ... Priceless! Included With Our Service on a Per Text basis
Premium Members Receive Our QR (Quick Response) Codes
A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional bar code that can store a lot of data. Mobile users are using QR Codes a lot (approximately 50 Million times a day in Japan). Once a QR code is generated, you can then put the image on business cards, t shirts, a flier, coffee mugs etc. The sky is the limit with your imagination! Someone can use their Mobile Phone to quickly take a picture of a QR Code and add the contact to their phone's address book with just a few clicks, thereby saving a lot of time and eliminating the possibility of typing incorrect data.  

  • Very Easy to Use (point and click)
  • Generate an Unlimited Number of QR Codes at NO cost
  • Position Yourself on the Cutting Edge of Technology
Monthly Value $20, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
Premium Members Receive Our Voice Recording & Communication System
 Our Voice Recording and Communication System allows you to easily share your voice in many ways. Your voice can communicate your message a lot more effectively than text and it's so easy a child can do it!

  • Voice on Web Pages - Add a Voice Message on Any Page (NO charge for Unlimited Use)
  • Voice Emails - Send a voice message as a link in an email (NO charge for Unlimited Use)
  • Voice Broadcasting - Send a Voice Message to Contacts by Phone (Pay Per Minute)
  • Voice Download - Download your recorded voice message to your computer to use however you'd like (NO charge for Unlimited Downloads)
Monthly Value $20, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
Premium Members Receive Our Done For You Capture Pages With FREE Hosting
 Select from our library of “done for you” lead capture pages, simply point and click to chose which one you would like to use.

  • Use as Many as You'd Like (All Hosted FREE)
  • We Continually Add to our Library of Capture Pages
  • We Welcome Your Suggestions
 $30/Month Value - Yours FREE - Included With Our Service

Premium Members Receive Our Ad Tracking System
 Track your ads Online AND Offline to see what’s working and what isn’t working. If you aren’t tracking your ads, then you might as well burn your money!

  • Very Easy to Create (Point, Click & Type)
  • Easily Track an Unlimited # of Ads
  • Track Exactly How Many People Click on Any of Your Links
  • Track How Many Enter Their Information On Any of Your Capture Pages
  • See How Effective Your Marketing Efforts are working for you
  • Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective Ads (This Could Save You Thousands of Dollars)!
Monthly Value $20, But Its NO Cost (Included) With Our PREMIUM Membership!
Premium Members Receive Our Unlimited Sub-Domains System
 A Sub-Domain is a unique website address where instead of "www.YourDomain.com" a Sub-Domain might look like "sales.YourDomain.com" or "marketing.YourDomain.com". Therefore the Sub-Domain replaces the "www." in a website address.

We allow you to create an UNLIMITED number of Sub-Domains for any Domain you have in our system. Then you can use your Sub-Domains for multiple uses without having to purchase additional Domains.

For example, our Sub-Domains feature will allow you to literally have an Unlimited Number of different looking websites for no additional fee! Another use of Sub-Domains is you can have many different unique website addresses all going to the same website. This allows you to give a different Sub-Domain address (website) to each advertiser so you can determine which advertisers are working best for you.

  • Very Easy to Create (Point, Click and Type)
  • Create an Unlimited # of Sub Domains for FREE
  • Gives You Tremendous Flexibility in Your Marketing
  • Point Each Sub Domain to Any Webpage On Our System
  • Makes it Easy to Track Your Marketing Efforts for FREE
 $30/Month Value - Yours FREE - Included With Our Service
Premium Members Can Easily Get Their Premium Membership FREE
  • Easy for Premium Members to Get Their Service FREE Each Month
  • Requires Just 3 Paying Members to be Referred
  • Can be the SAME 3 People Each Month
  • Our System is available for other niches so Virtually Any Business Can Use It
  • We Provide Viral Tools to Share Our Service so Its EASY to Refer 3
FREE and Premium Members Get Access to Our Help System
  We provide many different ways to help members so they can get immediate support without needing to rely on us!
  • Searchable Frequently Asked Questions (even in Spanish)
  • Instructional Videos on Almost Every Feature
  • Request Support on Virtually Any Topic
  • Request Support Status to View Responses Forever
  • News & Updates for the Latest Enhancements
  • Answering Service With Prompt Follow Up
MANY New Features to Come
 We are always working on adding new features as well as enhancing existing features at NO additional cost! We welcome your suggestions and would love to hear what you would like to see from us.

  • Currently working on capture pages for mobile devices
  • Currently working on integrating text message marketing
  • Members are grandfathered in at the current low price
  • ACT NOW before we raise our price!
 Value - Priceless
Frequently Asked Questions for Members

 Are there any contracts required?

 Answer: No, there are NO contracts for Members and they can use our FREE Lead System Forever! If they want, they can try our PREMIUM Membership with a 7 Day Trial and use it as long as they'd like and cancel at any time.

 Click Here to Try Our System RISK FREE

 Can the monthly fee ever increase?

 Answer: NO, when Members sign up for our PREMIUM Membership, we will KEEP them at our Low Monthly Pricing of just $29.97 per month and NEVER change their monthly fee! They can even Easily Get Your Monthly Fee Waived Each Month!

 Click Here to Lock In Your Low Monthly Fee

  How can PREMIUM Members get their monthly fee waived?

 Answer: Every month a Premium Member has 3 paying referrals (can even be the same 3 people each month) then we waive their monthly fee. So, all they need to do is just refer others and they can easily use our system for FREE Each Month!

 Click Here to Easily Get the FREE LEAD SYSTEM FOREVER for FREE Each Month

  I don't have any email addresses for my contacts. Can I still use the FREE Lead System Forever?

 Answer: Yes, even without any email addresses for your members you can still use the the FREE Lead System Forever! In fact, many of our clients started with absolutely no email addresses at all. We have many techniques that can automate the collecting of email addresses for you.

 Click Here To Get Started Today

 Does the FREE Lead System Forever send out SPAM?

 Answer: Not at all! We spend over thousands of dollars a year to make sure our emails get delivered and stay completely SPAM Compliant. This means we meet all of the regulations required to be legitimate, fully-approved email contact. Of course prospects and clients can easily unsubscribe at any time.

 Click Here to Get Your Messages Delivered Effectively

 I don't think a lot of my prospects are using email. Will the FREE Lead System Forever still work?

 Answer: Yes, because according to extensive research, over 70% of adults are using the Internet, which represents over 141 million people. 91% of those people read and send email. So, there's no doubt that a large majority of your prospects and clients are using email every day.

 Click Here to Communicate With Your Prospects & Clients Virtually Free

 Do I need any special computer skills to use this system?

 Answer: Absolutely not! Our system is so easy to operate even a child could use it. We have made it ABC 123 simple with easy to follow instructional videos that will have you up and running in minutes! We have done most of the work for you!

 Click Here to Get Your Turnkey Marketing System in Place Today!

 How Much Time Will I have to Dedicate to this?

 Answer: We are talking minutes and hours per Month NOT days and weeks. Of course the more you put in the more you get out. It's kind of like having a license to print money.

 Click Here to Start Automating Your Business Marketing

 Can I make changes to the content within the FREE Lead System Forever?

 Answer: Yes you can Very Easily change content without knowing any programming. If you can point your mouse, click it and type, you can edit Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages, Email Campaigns and much more!

 Click Here So You Can Stop Worrying About How To Get Clients

 Will someone be available to help me get started?

 Answer: We have a Customer Support Team you can access at any time and can help you get set up and on track quickly but my guess is you won't even need them it's that simple to use!

  Click Here to Start Generating a Massive Amount of FREE Leads on Auto Pilot